How to Record and Share Smartphone Interviews

Record and Broadcast Smartphone Interviews
While Smartphones provide the flexibility of a portable office, there are times that you need to capture a recording of your conversation. Whether you simply cannot write down the details, or your conversation turns into a great interview, we have the tools for you.
  • Record Smartphone Interviews

  • CellTap-4C
    Wireless Audio Phone Tap

    Capture both sides of the conversation. CellTap 4C connects between your wired headset and smartphone, providing stereo output to a mic-level input on your recorder or mixer. The stereo output provides the local mic on the left channel and the caller's voice on the right channel. Learn More

  • Or Capture and Share Audio with your Wireless Phone with any of these Interfaces

  • RemoteMix One
    Field Interview Tool

    This professional microphone preamp and headphone amplifier allows you to connect your favorite mic and headphones to your smartphone. Capture phone interviews using the stereo line level output or go live with person-on-the-street interviews and transmit full bandwidth audio using third party CODEC apps.

    Do you have an iPhone without a Headset Jack? Simply plug the included 3.5mm TRRS cable into the Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter that came with your iPhone. Learn More

  • BlueDriver-F3
    Wireless Audio Interface

    Pair to your Bluetooth enabled cell phone or headset to send audio to your Bluetooth device. Learn More

  • BluePack
    Wireless Interview Tool

    All the features of RemoteMix One, but uses Bluetooth for phones without a combined mic and headphone TRRS headset jack. Learn More

  • BlueKeeper
    Wireless Audio Gateway

    BlueKeeper allows you to send mic and line level signals into your wireless phone. The stereo output jack on the back of the unit provides your voice on the left channel and the caller’s voice on the right channel. It’s perfect for radio or podcast interview recordings. Maintain excellent separation between your voice and the caller with a dedicated caller output and volume control. Connect BlueKeeper to your computer sound card or mixing console. Learn More