Audio for Video

Wireless Audio for Video Directly into your Smartphone

Capturing video on a smartphone usually includes a lot of ambient noise. BlueDriver-F3 lets you place a microphone in the subjects hand for improved sound quality. While there are other wireless mic options, they typically require a separate receiver that plugs into the headset or data jack on your phone. BlueDriver uses the same Bluetooth wireless technology found in all smartphones and tablets. This eliminates the need for a separate receiver, and frees up the jacks on your device for other accessories or power sources.

JK Audio Mobile Reporting

Watch the BlueDriver-F3 Demo

This recording was captured using FiLMiC Pro on an iPhone 7. We used a Shure Beta 58 handheld microphone and Sony ECM-44B Lavalier microphone on screen. Voice over recordings were also captured on the BlueDriver-F3 using the Shure Beta 58. No level adjustments were made in post production of these videos.

Universal Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth is the only way to get wireless audio directly into a phone or tablet without an external receiver. Choosing Bluetooth allows our single transmitter to work across all brands of phones and tablets without any physical connection to the phone. With no receiver or adapter needed, this leaves your phone jack open for an external battery pack for longer shoots.


secure connection




no lip-sync delay

Your built-in camera app may not
currently support a Bluetooth microphone.

The following video recording apps support a Bluetooth microphone input.

FiLMiC Pro

FiLMiC Pro is a professional video camera application for iOS and Android devices.

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Requires a “Smart-Activated" LiveU license including a LiveU receiving Server.

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MoviePro is a professional video camera application for iOS devices.

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Please check back to find new apps, while we encourage app developers to add Bluetooth input.