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JK Audio Products

This is the complete list of JK Audio products. Click on the model names to view more information about each product.


AutoHybrid   Telephone Audio Interface
Auto-Answer, gets audio in and out of analog telephone lines.

AutoHybrid IP2

NEW AutoHybrid IP2™   VoIP Hybrid/AoIP Codec
Two-line VoIP hybrid with call control, auto-answer, and conference. Also functions as an Audio over IP (AoIP) Codec, streaming wide-band stereo audio.


BlueDriver   Wireless Audio Interface
Send and receive audio from your professional audio equipment using Bluetooth Wireless Technology.


BlueKeeper   Wireless Audio Gateway
Desktop interviews through your cell phone using Bluetooth Wireless Technology.


BluePack   Wireless Interview Tool
Man-on-the-street interviews through your cell phone using Bluetooth Wireless Technology.


BlueSet   Wireless Headset Interface
The BlueSet series of intercom headset adapters allow you to plug directly into most Party-Line (PL) belt packs and use Bluetooth Wireless Technology to replace wired headsets.

Broadcast Host

Broadcast Host   Desktop Digital Hybrid
Broadcast Host turns your desktop into a professional broadcast center. Contains everything you need to get talk show quality phone recordings into your mixer or sound card.


CellTap   Wireless Phone Audio Tap
Taps into your wireless phone to get a well balanced mix of your conversation. CellTap works with any wireless phone that accepts a third party headset or earpiece.


NEW CellTap 4c  Wireless Phone Audio Tap
Connects between the headset and cell phone, providing a stereo output to a recorder or mixer.


ComPack   Universal Telephone Audio Interface
Compack is your personal communications tool. Get audio in and out of any telecom connection, wired or wireless.

Concierge 2x6   Switch Core
Route callers into your talk show broadcast console.


CSM-IP   Call Screener Module
Remote interface allowing remote control of the Concierge Talk Show System through a web browser, adding Call Screening and additional features beyond the physical control surface.

Daptor Two   Wireless Phone Audio Interface
Simply plug Daptor Two into the 2.5 mm headset jack of any wireless cell phone that accepts a third party headset or earpiece. You can now send and receive audio from your mixer or tape recorder through the cell phone.

Daptor Three   Wireless Audio Interface
Daptor Three is a simple, professional audio interface using Bluetooth Wireless Technology. Like its predecessor Daptor Two, this new version allows balanced and unbalanced connections to your cell phone.

Four IFB

Four IFB   Phone Bridge
Four IFB is a four position analog telephone line interface. This road tough product is designed to provide flexible listen-only IFB for television field production use.

guestmodule 1

Guest Module 1   Remote Keypad
Provides remote call control for Innkeeper 1x/1rx, Broadcast Host, Innkeeper LTD.

Inline Patch

Inline Patch   Telephone Audio Interface
Connects to your corded or cordless telephone. Separate control over voice levels from both sides of the call.

innkeeper1sm.gif (1046 bytes)

innkeeper 1x/1rx   Digital Hybrid
The same great audio quality as the innkeeper 1 but with added features.

innkeeper 2   Multi-Line Digital Hybrid
Innkeeper 2 squeezes two independent digital hybrids in a 1U rack space. The front panel keypad, display, and handset jacks provide easy speed dialing and call setup.

innkeeper 4   Multi-Line Digital Hybrid
Innkeeper 4 squeezes four independent digital hybrids in a 1U rack space. The front panel keypad, display, and handset jacks provide easy speed dialing and call setup.

innkeeper LTD   Digital Hybrid
Connect console, mixer or PA system to phone line for talk show quality audio.

innkeeper PBX   Desktop Digital Hybrid
Innkeeper PBX easily converts your multi-line PBX type telephone system into a professional, affordable talk show console. Simply connect between your telephone handset and the phone base.


NEW Interchange   Intercom Phone Bridge
Communication interface for your Party Line Intercom.


Interloop   Wired/Wireless Intercom Belt Pack
Combines Bluetooth Wireless Technology with Two-Wire Intercom systems in a rugged new belt pack design.


NEW Outerloop   Wireless Intercom Belt Pack
Use your intercom headset with your wireless device.


Pureformer   Isolation Transformer
Connects between your sound card and audio equipment. Keeps computer electrical noise out of your studio equipment.


QuickTap   Telephone Handset Tap
Simply taps into your telephone handset to get a well balanced mix of your conversation.


QuickTap IFB   Telephone Handset IFB Tap
Connects to handset cord on almost any telephone. XLR and mini plug output to your equipment.

Remote Amp

RemoteAmp   Personal headphone / earpiece amplifier
Battery powered amplifier with XLR input and belt clip.

Remote Amp

RemoteAmp Blue   Wireless headphone amplifier
Monitor your Bluetooth equipped cell phone, music play or sound card in a loud crowd.

Remote Amp

RemoteAmp Two  Stereo headphone amplifier
Monitor your mono and stereo gear in a loud crowd.

Remote Amp

RemoteAmp Three  Portable headphone amplifier
Monitor IFB, program, and intercom feeds with this professional belt pack

RemMix 2

RemoteMix 2   Broadcast Field Mixer
Two-channel field mixer / headphone amplifier built for remote broadcast featuring a phone line hybrid with keypad along with a wired notebook/cell phone headset interface.

RemMix 3

RemoteMix 3.5   Broadcast Field Mixer
Three-channel field mixer and headphone amplifier featuring phone line hybrid and keypad, a PBX handset interface, and both wired and wireless cell phone interfaces.

RemoteMix 4   Portable Broadcast Mixer
RemoteMix 4 is a four channel field mixer and headphone amplifier featuring a phone line hybrid and keypad, a PBX handset interface, and a cell phone interface.

RemoteMix One   Field Interview Tool
Performs live man-on-the-street interviews through your cell phone and can provide two-way IFB connections through a cell phone or notebook for truly flexible remote monitoring.

RemoteMix x4

NEW RemoteMix x4™   Field Mixer
Four-channel Field Mixer with four-channel headphone monitoring.

RemoteMix x5

NEW RemoteMix x5™   USB Field Mixer
Five-channel USB Field Mixer with four-channel headphone monitoring.


RIU-IP   Remote IP Interface
A remote control interface designed for innkeeper 1x/1rx, innkeeper 2 and innkeeper 4 digital hybrids. RIU-IP contains a web server which allows the user to send and receive control data through their web browser.


TAP-1   Telephone Audio + Power Interface
Telephone line simulator simply powers a telephone and provides audio in an out.


THAT-1   Telephone Handset Audio Tap
Connects to many analog and digital telephones. Lets you record your conversation and play it back into the phone.


THAT-2   Telephone Handset Audio Tap
Same features as THAT-1 but adds XLR jacks and works with more phone systems.

Universal Host

Universal Host   Desktop Digital Hybrid
Universal Host easily converts your IP or PBX telephone into a professional, affordable interview station.

Voice Path   Telephone Handset Audio Tap
Connect any telephone to your PC Sound Card. Record and play from phone to PC and back.

Product Applications:
Radio ApplicationsRadio Applications:
Products for reporting, interviews, and remote broadcasts.
AV/Telecom ApplicationsAV/Telecom Applications:
Products for voice prompts, presentations, conference & PA interface.
TV/Film ApplicationsTV/Video Applications:
Products for IFB feeds
and telephone audio on set.
Computer ApplicationsComputer Applications:
Products for webcasting, soundcard to phone audio & noise reduction


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