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Wireless Intercom Belt Pack
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Outerloop™ functions as a wireless link to your intercom system. This universal belt pack provides connections for your existing 4-pin or 5-pin intercom headset, routing audio through your mobile device over a Bluetooth wireless connection. Use your mobile phone to call into your intercom phone bridge or station phone coupler for a global wireless link.

In Phone mode, Outerloop pairs to your mobile phone, notepad, or computer just like any other Bluetooth headset.

In Headset mode, Outerloop pairs to a standard Bluetooth headset or another Outerloop, providing a short-range secure wireless point-to-point intercom.

Outerloop to Outerloop connections default to HD Voice (120 Hz to 7 kHz) bandwidth. Many new mobile phones and headsets also provide Bluetooth HD Voice bandwidth.


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TV Technology Review of Outerloop, innKeeper LTD, and Interchange (PDF)

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