Audio for Video

Wirelessly Connect any Dynamic Mic to Your Smartphone

The best camera is the one that's with you...

BlueDriver-F3 wirelessly connects your dynamic handheld or lavalier mic to your smartphone or tablet. Record broadcast-worthy interviews while placing the mic in the subject's hand for improved audio quality.

This video was shot on an iPhone 7 without
any audio or video post-processing.

Record Better Audio
for Mobile Video

Video recording apps on smartphones and tablets use the internal microphone to capture the audio signal. Unfortunately, the internal microphone picks up every sound in the area, resulting in a poor audio recording when there is a lot of ambient noise, or when the subject is at an appreciable distance from the camera. Fortunately, most smartphones and tablets already allow the use of Bluetooth audio input for wireless communication. Recent improvements to the Bluetooth audio codec provide excellent audio quality, suitable for most video recordings. BlueDriver-F3 isolates the audio you want and allows Bluetooth audio recording directly into your smartphone or tablet using your existing professional dynamic microphone.

2.4 gHz - Encrypted 

60ft Range - Secure Connection

< 25ms Latency

No lip-sync delay

Bluetooth logo

Universal Connectivity

Bluetooth is the only way to get wireless audio directly into a phone or tablet without an external receiver. Choosing Bluetooth allows our single transmitter to work across all brands of phones and tablets without any physical connection to the phone. With no receiver or adapter needed, this leaves your phone jack open for an external battery pack for longer shoots.

BlueDriver-F3 continues to operate while charging - simply connect a USB power source.

Your built-in camera app may not
currently support a Bluetooth microphone.

The following video recording apps support a Bluetooth microphone input.

Cinema FV-5

Cinema FV-5 is a professional video camera application for android devices.

Get it on Google Play

FiLMiC Pro

The FiLMiC Pro app for Android does not yet support a Bluetooth microphone.

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Requires a “Smart-Activated" LiveU license including a LiveU receiving Server.

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play


MoviePro is a professional video camera application for iOS devices.

Download on the App Store
Please check back to find new apps, while we encourage app developers to add Bluetooth input.